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Steel City Hobbies Visits Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp Weekly

Several times a week, Steel City Hobbies (SCH) visits Training Camp. But this Training Camp is the training ground for the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Club. The Steelers will be at St. Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania for four weeks training for their quest for this years Super Bowl. Click here to read more on the Steelers 37th year at St. Vincent College.

The first camp visit with the Steelers proved to be a fun time. SCH demonstrated the differences in what to choose from. Nitro to Electric, Monster Truck to Touring Car. We had them all there for the players to test drive.

Every time we stop in at camp for a maintenance call, we end up providing more Cars and Monster Trucks for the players! We have started our own little Steelers R/C Club where the players race around every morning and evening.

It is kind of funny to see how each player designs their own Traxxas Monster Truck, or HPI Savage. Some look over the shoulder of their fellow teammates trying to steal a look so they can out do each other! I try to keep everything honest, but these guys want nothing but pure quality and speed!

Oliver Ross now has his Traxxas T-Maxx in full tune, which he had SCH paint up with the new hot H2 body. SCH also modified the model with the latest Traxxas Exhaust and Boost Pump. Oliver also has us researching a new Super Charger for the 2.5, as he wants nobody to pass him up! I think his truck runs faster than any stock model as it is! Oliver also bought the Traxxas Nitro 4-Tec 2.5 Touring Car to give him a little variety. I think 60 + MPH (RTR) is variety enough, aye? He was having fun running that around today, as he is Deshea’s only Touring Car competitor at the moment!

Deshea Townsend was very happy with his HPI Nitro Touring Car that SCH built for him. Even though the car was a gift and a RTR, SCH installed a heftier motor, broke it in, and painted up a custom Viper body. We now have it back in our possession for a small overhaul to install high performance parts. Deshea also bought a Savage Monster Truck to keep up with his teammates after practice.

“The Savage looks so “mean” as well as performs well”, one player said. Another said the T-Maxx is what really rules the off-road. The battle between these two monster trucks will be hashed out during camp, so we will keep you up to date! This should be good.

Jason Gildon has an Traxxas E-Maxx on order that will be completely tricked out with Hardcore aluminum and titanium. We are also looking into some of the best motors to replace the stock Traxxas ones.

Hines Ward took delivery of his shiny new E-Maxx with an Escalade body, custom painted by SCH. We modified the electric motors so it is giving even the finest tuned T-Maxx a run for its money!

James Farrior picked up a HPI Savage truck as well. After a few rough break-in runs, it is running and giving everyone in the Monster Truck class a challenge! I bet he will be ready for next weeks race!

Chad Scott is still debating on what to sink his teeth into as he has a few catalogs he is studying. I would not be surprised to see a few more guys jump into the competition!

Plaxico Burress, Joey Porter, Kimo Von Oelhoffen, Dewayne Washington and Brent Alexander all stepped up to the plate trying to out-order each other with Traxxas T-Maxx’s! And yes, Steel City Hobbies has plenty of these and performance parts in stock! Noooooo Problem!

Plaxico also ordered a P-51 Airplane with all the trimmings. St. Vincent College and its green fields are perfect for flying airplanes. I would not be surprised to see some of the boys get into flying as well. Hmmmm… I would like one of those!

Now for Jerome Bettis – Jerome received a Traxxas SportMaxx with a School Bus that Parma supplied and painted EXCLUSIVELY for Steel City Hobbies. As a thank you to Parma, I asked Jerome to sign two bodies, one for the manufacturer, and the other for Steel City Hobbies’ display case. Come check it out as we have one of only three in existence, which is one of two that has been autographed! (Sorry, this one is not for sale) We do however, supply the bus bodies that we, or you can paint up! Jerome is eagerly waiting for his new E-Maxx to come in, so we are busy working on customizing another rig for him.

Steel City Hobbies stops up at Training Camp twice a week. One as a delivery run, and the other for tuning and teaching. Keep posted as next week we are going to have our 1st race with all the players up at St. Vincent!

It is nice to see a pro football team get into this rapidly growing “sport”, and now we have our own R/C team with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Keep tuned, as these guys will be racing at SCH’s track this coming winter!