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SCH heads to iHobby Expo in Chicago, IL to bring everyone in the Metro-Pittsburgh PA area the latest in technology and surplus. More to come.

Steel City Hobbies visits the 2004 International Model & Hobby Expo

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Steel City Hobbies staff headed to Chicago Illinois on October 14, 2004 to see what is hot at the 2004 International Model & Hobby Expo. Check in with the store for the latest upgrades, models and events for the coming year!

Other notes: We were disappointed to learn that some vendors such as Hardcore and Integy did not show up. The show was a little smaller this year but it still offered a lot of quality. Team Losi’s new Drake truck is very nice and will be hot. From first glance the truck does not look like much was changed. However, the subtle changes make for a nice upgrade, although we feel more could have been done to make it a true overhaul. The Mini-T is more of the same, although it will be nice for those who want to add their own ingredients such as electronics, etc. It already has beefed up parts, so that is a good start. It is not in kit form, which may disappoint some who like to build kits. The touring car was a little disappointing as well, but the attempt to “center” the weight is good. Adding a second belt may sway the “in-between” people who are undecided between belt/shaft driven. I may stick with the Graphite XXX-S until all the bugs are worked out of this one.

Team Associated introduced its answer to the Mini-T… very nice and with 4WD! Thumbs up from SCH on this one.

SCH is working with IEDA R/C Drag Racing to host future national events in 2005.

SCH supports Special Olympics and is working with Special Olympics committee.