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Geocache Race back to the Burgh sponsored by Steel City Hobbies – Steel City Rally starts in Seattle, WA.

Steel City Hobbies hosts the Steel City Rally, Geocache Race from Seattle, WA to Pittsburgh, PA.

Steel City Hobbies is hosting a race across country which started on November 1, 2003. The race is a geocache race which is a new and growing hot “sport”. Geocaching is like a modern day treasure hunt where you need a hand held GPS unit to find a hidden treasure. Treasures, or better known as a “Cache”, are tracked down by using a GPS unit after you enter the north and west coordinates which are posted on

The Steel City Rally is a race between five geocache “bugs” which were placed in a cache somewhere in Seattle, Washington and will hopefully find their way back to a cache located in the Pittsburgh Area. The bugs were placed by a traveling Steelers friend named “Cool Cache Gang” (thank you guys and good luck!) in the cache << Olmsted's Interlaken >> to begin the race across country.

A “Travel Bug” is best summed up by it’s creator from “Call it a slow moving Pony Express, or a way to follow the migratory path of inanimate objects. Here’s a new way to create your own hitchhiker (or Travel Bug) and track it online.”

To follow our progress, check back here or become a geocacher yourself and help out! To read more, check out or check out SCH’s page here.

Steel City Hobbies is an authorized Geocaching dealer. Stop in for your supplies!

Here we have a map of North America. Here we will plot the course of the Bugs from Seattle to Pittsburgh. Good luck everyone!