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Steel City Hobbies Host the 1st Annual Touring Car & Drag Race at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA

Steel City Hobbies hosted the Pittsburgh area’s FIRST R/C Drag Race ever at Heinz Field.

Touring Car and Drag Racing at Heinz Field

Steel City Hobbies hosted the first R/C Drag Race and Touring Car Race at Heinz Field on August 1st. This was a unique event because R/C Drag Racing, where several local hobby shops are invited to participate, has never happened in this area before. Shops that competed were: AB Charles & Son, HobbyTown USA, Hobby City, and of course, Steel City Hobbies. We hope to continue having these events in the future at various locations, as well as making this race an annual event.

A picture is worth a 1000 words so here you are!

Here is a look at the winners of the Drag and Touring events.
(Name corrections to follow)
Allen Stephens (HobbyTown USA: Nitro Rail & Funny Car) (bought from & tweaked by SCH),
Tobias Jones (Touring Car Drag Racing), Mike (AB Charles: 1⁄4 Scale),
and Andrew Moore (Hobby City: Touring Car).

SCH Electric Rail built by SCH

Nitro Funny Car built by SCH

Touring Car Race just getting under way.

“RC Driver” shows up to get a few shots before heading to Steelers Training Camp.
Here we see a Revo Red Light. But even though it left early, the SCH (MD) Custom Built
T-Maxx beat all monster trucks.

Allen tests out his MegaTec Dragster RTR.

Some stiff competition from these guys.

Mike from then AB Charles (Now at SCH) and some of his custom work.

Allen and Mike head to the Full Scale Drag Strip.

Left lane: Allen – Nitro MegaTech; Right Lane: Mike – Electric NewEra Rail

Mike has the faster reaction time and pulls out 1st.
Mike gets out 1st with the great torque thanks to a Novak Brushless system!

Then Al evens up and pulls ahead for the win. Different gearing will do it every time.

A burnout from a real car.

A closer look at Steel City’s and HobbyTown’s electric Rail jobs.

Hobby City booth next to the main drag.

Andrew Moore held the record all day before losing it to Tobias near the end. Leader on the
Touring Car track however. Andrew represented Hobby City in McMurray.

HobbyTown USA owner Scott Slepecki (Robinson Twp) and Allen Stephens.