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Race Against Cancer Charity Race – To raise money Steel City Hobbies contributes an authentic autographed football from the Pittsburgh Steelers

Steel City Hobbies supports a R/C Race for Cancer at McCullough’s in Sarver, PA.

Steel City Hobbies is happy to be invited to the 2nd annual”Race Against Cancer” in Sarver, PA. We thank McCullough’s for extending the invitation to such an important event. SCH has contributed an authentic autographed football, picked up by Michael Rooney this week at Steelers Practice. SCH hopes the football will bring in a lot of money when it is auctioned off this weekend. All proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society.

On the football you will find the names of Steelers R/C enthusiasts and other star players. The ball has been used this 2003 season in a game at Heinz Field. So you should find grass stains, scratches and sweat on this ball!

SCH would like to have a store employee on site at the race, but this may be difficult as most of the staff is traveling to Chicago for the big Hobby Show to bring back the latest exciting information and HOT merchandise! If you are interested in supporting the race against cancer, call or email the store for details.

When: September 13th – 14th, 2003

International Model and Hobby Exposition – Steel City Hobbies heads to Chicago, IL to check out latest in R/C

Steel City Hobbies visits the 2003 International Model & Hobby Expo

Steel City Hobbies staff headed to Chicago Illinois on September 12, 2003 to see what is hot at the 2003 International Model & Hobby Expo. Check in with the store for the latest upgrades, models and events for the coming year! This show is pretty much an international show, with exhibitors from 32 countries. International companies in attendance were from such countries as:
Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hong Kong (ROC), Israel, Italy, Japan, Poland, Spain, Taiwan (ROC), United Kingdom.

Indoor Racing Hunkers Down in Deep Creek Lake Maryland!

Indoor Racing

Season Ended end of March 2004

Racing Friday, 7:00 PM

Racing Saturday, 2:00 PM

Driving Directions

This winter season Steel City Hobbies along with the local R/C DCL Club are hosting indoor racing not far from our Maryland Store. The track is located in Mc Henry, at the Garrett County Fairgrounds next to Deep Creek Lake. The racing is off-road and will host just about any off-road vehicle. We will not be hosting Nitro, monster 1/10th or 1/8th scale classes.

We encourage everyone to join the R/C DCL Club to take advantage of price breaks and other privileges.

The Track

The Track consists of high quality sifted topsoil. We have a full dirt track, thanks to Green Acres as they dumped 6 loads of dirt this past Fall. The quality of dirt is rock free and loaded with tons of fun. Was that pun intended?

Electric vs. Nitro

SCH is encouraging everyone to break out their electric models as we feel this will be the best form of racing for the environment we will be running in. The track is not the largest by any means, but by keeping the course technical it will offer a challenging time for any racer.


The Racing Schedule: Friday evenings at 7:00 PM and Saturday afternoon at 2:00 PM! There may be racing several times per week (non-sanctioned) depending on how the club votes!

$10.00 – first class • $5.00 – every additional class*

Practice Days – $5.00 – limited to a predetermined time on that day only**

We are also offering two practice sessions. The days will be Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. It is very possible that we could end up with more practice times throughout the week! Club members save big.

Electric Models accepted for indoor use:

• Stadium Truck Stock • Stadium Truck Modified • Buggy Stock • Buggy Modified, others, please call.

R/C DCL Club

We encourage all racers to become club members! After all, this is YOUR track and you will have full influence on how you want to set up your track. We at Steel City Hobbies offer a two session season club pass of $40.00 per session.* This will help cover the monthly rent, heat, electric, limited insurance and any other odds and ends that may come up. We are also offering appointing “a select few” of the club members to help with logistics and other matters, so we will always have a fun and safe atmosphere all winter long. These members will be presented with a key so usage could become very flexible with daily usage. Please feel free to write in your comments and suggestions and they will be posted in a forum started right here.

Disclaimer – All pricing is set. The two sessions will be 1) Fall-Winter 2003, and 2) Winter-Spring 2004. Each session will cost only $40.00. You can save by joining the club early because after only a few days of practice, your whole season will be paid for! (No cost for practice sessions for club members) We are also thinking about an early bird special which means that if you pay for both sessions up front, you will pay only $70.00 and receive a Full Season Pass! That means you save even bigger.


This is where YOU write in and we will post your ideas, comments, etc. Due to great response, this has been moved to a page of its own!

Look at Pictures

Enter RC/DCL Club Forum

*Club dues and pricing are subject to change.

**Pricing for Club members may differ