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Letter to ROAR asking WHY there is so little support for their own sanction. Terrible communication with ROAR makes people wonder why bother with becoming a ROAR member?

A letter to ROAR asking WHY we had no support when we are a paying ROAR contributor
Lack of ROAR support – a dying sanction?


Steel City Hobbies in Pittsburgh, Pa. hosted a ROAR Region II On-Road state race two weeks ago and the ROAR support for this race was almost non-existent.

I turned to ROAR to bring credibility to Steel City Hobbies, the largest RC supporter in the Western PA area, if not the whole region. With that, SCH did not have anywhere near as much ROAR support as I thought we signed up for. Last spring we hosted a Region II Oval race and it was mediocre at best, with approximately 60 entries. This last Region II On-Road race left a lot to be desired as far as the attention we received from ROAR, and the racers were completely unimpressed by the actions of ROAR. The race was not even listed on the ROAR website. To save the day, I had to drop the entry fee and refund money to racers. We lost a good deal of money on that race day, but we still got ROAR memberships which were sent to ROAR directly. Our weekly racing pulls in more racers than any ROAR state or regional race. This last ROAR race was a record low for our track.

I think ROAR is currently a very badly run sanction and I would not be surprised if ROAR dissolves to nothing. If this is the way it is going to treat the people and the tracks that are paying their good hard earned money to support them, then it deserves to. “We” are getting nothing out of it. Until now we have been supporting ROAR and trying to be proud of being a ROAR track. How can we do this any longer if ROAR does not even help or support those who help ROAR in the first place?

If you have any comments or questions, please get in touch with me.


Michael Rooney

Steel City Hobbies
1155 Washington Pike
Bridgeville, PA 15017
412.220.7515 – Direct

Submitted November 21, 2005

Response via AOL IM from Dawn Sanchez, Promotions Director and huge Steelers Fan:

SCH and ROAR spoke tonight about a solution that will assure this will never happen again – anywhere. SCH has been loyal and has done more for the RC sport than anyone in this region. “A resolution is at hand” says Dawn Sanchez.

I will keep everyone posted. I suggested that ROAR write a letter to all members and concerned parties, including tracks who have had problems in the recent past. If this is done, I will post a link.

Submitted November 21, 2005 10:04pm