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Lipo Batteries – approved for use at SCH

As of February 8th, 2008 we will be allowing LIPO Batteries to be run here at the track for race days and practice.

Rules for LIPO’s

First all batteries that are charged here must be charged in an approved container. We have charging bags for LIPO Batteries on sale in the store. If not then the batteries must be charged off site.

Fire Prevention: Sand Buckets – which are available around the track. Do not use water or Class A, B or C fire extinguishers. Class D will work, but we do not have this type on site. All LIPO charging must be done in the rear pit area as this is where the fire sand buckets are located.

There will be no exceptions to these rules.

Snowbird Nationals – Wrap Up A-Main day

This year’s Snowbirds was one of the best yet for national level R/C car carpet racing. Pittsburgh Locals did well again this year, Ray Darroch and Larry Fairtrace came out with races in A and B mains. Ray took third in the 12th Scale GTP 19-Turn A-Main behind Markus Mobers (2nd) and Jilles Groskamp (1st). Larry Fairtrace takes 7th in the Touring 27Turn Foam B-Main. Other tid-bits, there were over 234,806 recorded laps on the Snowbird track (beginning last Tues. & going thru till the end on Sunday)

MRR_4325.JPG MRR_4329.JPG
Paul Lemiuex comes away with winning the TQ and A-Main in 1/12th scale.

MRR_4332.JPG MRR_4331.JPG MRR_4335.JPG MRR_4334.JPG MRR_4336.JPG

MRR_4318.JPG MRR_4321.JPG
Barry Baker and Billy Easton enjoy the hot models that have frequented the birds’ for the last three years. Jessica Barton (Left model)

MRR_4315.JPG MRR_4317.JPG
Jilles Groskamp takes the 1/12th scale GTP 19-Turn A-Main – with some heated moments during the race, he hangs for the win!

The ladies looked fine this year – best ever actually!
For more pictures by SCH, click here. For the Snowbirds site: click here. For results from the Snowbird Nationals: click here.
Thank you again to Mike Boylan and the Snowbird Nationals crew for a job well done!

Snowbird Nationals – Saturday Night

Steel City Hobbies continues the Snowbird Nationals coverage.
Today was a tough day for all. Some are happy, some are not so happy. This year has to be one of the most fierce competitions I have ever seen.

MRR_4298.JPG MRR_4299.JPG
Josh Cyrul won the Touring Modified B-Main which will bump him up to the A-Main under the Snowbirds rules. Josh has raced at SCH as he is a top competitor in on-road and oval. Jeff Cuffs takes the F1 demo.
To check all the results, click here.

MRR_4300.JPG MRR_4293.JPG

The track surface is the BEST I have ever seen at a large venue nationals race. You cannot see too many plywood 4′x8′ seams – even after thousands of laps. The odorless Jack the Gripper compound is working out perfectly, and the CRC rail system is working to spec with quick change-overs from Road Course to Oval. The high ceilings and HVAC are keeping the track conditions consistent throughout the whole race. This is another benchmark raised by the 2008 Snowbird Nationals.

MRR_4297.JPG MRR_4296.JPG
Ray Darroch wins the B-Q “B-SCREW” award. Ray got hung up on turn 2 so he did not get the bump-up to the A – but we were all pulling for him at SCH!

MRR_4290.JPG MRR_4289.JPG MRR_4287.JPG MRR_4304.JPG MRR_4303.JPG MRR_4306.JPG

MRR_4295.JPG MRR_4294.JPG
Pittsburgh local Ray Darroch with the B-Q – as he has to wear the Mickey Mouse ears – a tradition here at the Snowbirds. Paul Lemiuex was the B-Q – B-SCREW and winner of the 1/12th Scale GTP Modified B-Main so he gets the bump into the A-main – what a great race!
The A-Mains will start at 6am tomorrow (Sunday). To view all the action and to see the results, check out the SBN live Page.

Friday night update – Snowbirds

Friday evening means two things… finish up the bulk of qualifying, and time to party! For most, it is all business, but typically people head out on Friday and Saturday nights to get away. Some have already said they are looking forward to tonight as there is little rest to be had at the Snowbirds. Tonight may be no exception.

MRR_4279.JPG MRR_4264.JPG
Josh Cyrul works on his car before an important qualifier on Friday while Mike Zubak measures his magnetic strength with his newly released gause-meter.

MRR_4278.JPG MRR_4276.JPG MRR_4265.JPG MRR_4245.JPG MRR_4249.JPG MRR_4248.JPG

MRR_4257.JPG MRR_4247.JPG
Larry Fairtrace is another racer from Pittsburgh – although he moved to Philly recently. He is still looking for a place to carpet race. He misses Pittsburgh and racing on a large pro track like Steel City’s! (Steel City has been an official Snowbird Nationals practice track for years) You will also notice (right picture) that the lighting is much brighter, and the ceilings are much higher than previous years of the Snowbirds. This helps keep the track conditions more consistent with any temperature and humidity changes. One racer notes that this hotel is not as intimate as the “Rats Hotel” while others say that on a scale of 1 to 10, this place is an “11″.

Snowbird Nationals 2008

Steel City Hobbies sponsors the 2008 Snowbird Nationals again this year, but with a twist. Owner of SCH, Michael Rooney, has been producing the video portion of the Snowbirds for the last four years. Last year as well as this year have been production shoots for a documentary on R/C Car Carpet racing called “Carpet Racers”. The film is slated to be released sometime later this year or early next. More information on that later.

MRR_4282.JPG MRR_4273.JPG

This year the Snowbird Nationals moved closer to Disney World (within 3 miles) to a much more conducive facility. This new venue has more space, higher ceilings and brighter lights.

MRR_4268.JPG MRR_4267.JPG MRR_4275.JPG MRR_4281.JPG MRR_4271.JPG MRR_4262.JPG
Every year you see the usual faces such as Jilles Groskamp, Ray Darroch, Barry Baker, Paul Lemiuex, Jeff Dager, Mike Dumas, Chris Tosolini, Andy Moore, Frank Ulbreck and Greg Honeycutt.
MRR_4266.JPG MRR_4262.JPG

Pittsburgh local Ray Darroch makes the Snowbirds every year. Ray now works for SMC/JACO in Virgina – but once a Pittsburgher, always a Pittsburgher. Dave Fox (right) is one of the race directors who makes the race announcing exciting to listen to! For more information on the Snowbirds, check back daily, and check out the Snowbird Nationals site.