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Steel City Hobbies opens in the Pittsburgh area. Two INDOOR R/C tracks to open sometime this summer.

Steel City Hobbies history of “Future Plans”

Pittsburgh/Bridgeville, PA store open for business on January 11, 2005
We were surprised at how fast we built this one…..just two weeks from the day we got the keys! (Thanks to all who dedicated the time and effort to put the store as well as the track together.) Everyone involved was happy to do so because it means that they can start racing on the largest track EVER in the Pittsburgh area. More details to follow! Take a look at some progress pictures.

- Mike – 1.12.5

Washington PA store open for business on June 14, 2004
We are happy to announce that we have finally opened a store in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan area. The new store, which will be our flagship facility, is located in Washington Pennsylvania (inside the Washington Mall off of Rt. 19) with easy access from the I-70 / I-79 corridor. Store pictures.

What to expect in Washington
We have the facility to host 2 in-door tracks. Currently, we are hosting the areas largest carpet track that is open daily with racing on Saturdays. In addition, we plan to be hosting touring car racing outside every so often, but that show will be traveling around the Western PA area to locations such as Heinz Field. In addition, we hope to be the first to host R/C Drag Racing. Next year we hope to have completed the state’s largest out-door off-road track with all the amenities.

When there was light
Deep Creek Lake in Oakland Maryland was the perfect spot to test the waters for several reasons. In addition to my store manager being local, he was obviously a good choice as he brought experience to the business as well as a lot of “passion” to the sport of R/C Off-Road. Other reasons were to familiarize and line up all our vendors so whenever we did open a shop north of the Mason Dixon line it would be a smooth transition.

With any new business venture you have to protect your principle and with the way Steel City Hobbies has grown in Western Maryland. My team and I have been through several ups and downs over the last year researching this venture. We have had a few side-steps; from larger companies interested in what we had to offer wanting to help build a large facility, to others wanting us to merge with them. One thing I have learned even before getting into the hobby business is to stick with the sure thing, and to not jump into something without good research. Needless to say, I was not comfortable with what we found and opted to continue to grow at a reasonable pace where we can continue to do business without affecting our primary vision.

The On-Going Search
I have also learned to take it slowly and turn over every rock, as you do not want surprises to jump out at you. (of which we have had our doozies!) This way we can assure our customers that at any future location, SCH will be there to stay. I have met some great people and some not so great people along the road to success. But I feel that Steel City Hobbies has already made a small positive impact on the R/C industry. I feel that this is just the beginning of becoming one of the nation’s leading R/C hobby shops. I am working with a great team and I feel Steel City Hobbies can and will continue to provide the best experience with R/C the industry can offer.

The Next Move…
Our next move will be into Allegheny County with a 10,000 SF store & track. That is more than enough room to host a regulation size carpet Ozite track, and a great area for paved & dirt racing outdoors. We are very excited about this move and we will keep you posted. This should be happening around January 2005.

- Mike Rooney
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Steel City Hobbies helps out children with the Pittsburgh FOOLs and Camp Kon-O-Kwee and the Burn Camp.

Steel City Hobbies will spend the afternoon at Camp Kon-O-Kwee with
the Pittsburgh FOOLS to aid with Burn Camp

Steel City Hobbies spent the afternoon on Tuesday, June 8th helping kids who are burn victims. This is a day put together by the Pittsburgh FOOLS, which stands for Fraternal Order Of Leatherheads Society. This is a fraternal order of firefighters in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas. Owner of SCH is a firefighter with Mt. Lebanon FD and is happy to help anyone in need.

Pittsburgh FOOLS
Missing from photo are Nick and Mike

SCH staff Mike and Conor handed over the radio allowing children to take control of the R/C cars while they waited to take air-balloon rides, etc. Conor thinks it was a great hit as the kids loved it. These model cars are high performance and were very entertaining.

Camp Kon-O-Kwee is an awesome camp with awesome people. Uncle Harry is incredible and I highly suggest visiting the camp, or at least check out their link listed below.


Pittsburgh FOOLS:
Camp Kon-O-Kwee:

Steel City Hobbies gets a 23 TON dirt delivery for the Maryland off-road track.