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Memorial Day Weekend 2006 was not happy for everyone. AB Charles Hobby Shop closed it’s doors in Dormont, PA after 60+ years of business!

Owner Scott Charles was rightfully upset when Cochran (Local Super Car Dealership to Pittsburgh) followed through on a sale made earlier by Scott’s father. Scott fought tooth and nail to try to keep the historic building open, but ultimately lost to the superpower car dealership. A lot of local people were upset for a number of reasons – from being an historic building to being one of the greatest full line hobby shops of all time – gone in less than a year of hard fought battles. Steel City Hobbies has always been grateful to owner Scott Charles as he helped SCH when times were tough. The owner of SCH offered Scott it’s floor space on the R/C track to help store the thousands and thousands of square footage worth of stock. SCH also offered overtime to its employees to help AB Charles pack up for the big move over the Memorial Day weekend. SCH has also offered to do website specials to help petition the bad news as well as help out legally. We at SCH hope AB Charles Hobby Shop finds a place soon and wish them luck in the future! Thanks Scott for all the great memories! A great story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
AB-Charles story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Mention of SCH owner who was one of AB’s best customers.