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2007 Winternationals

The 2007 Winternationals held every year in Ft. Myers, FL was rained out on Monday. This was good news to the Snowbird Nationals racers who were participating in this year’s Winternationals because this was the “equalizer” to allow everyone to have the same amount of practice time. The race runs from Sunday Feb 11th thru Sat the 17th.

The Winternationals are held at the Lee Civic Center in Ft. Myers, Florida. It does not rain often, but the day SCH arrived (right after the Snowbird Nationals) it was raining cats and dogs.

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Chris Tosolini (.12 sean 1/10 A-Main) raced at the Snowbirds and was one of about a dozen racers such as Jilles Groskamp, Mike Dumas, Mike Blackstock, Josh Cyrul, Paul Lemiuex, Martin Hudy and others who switched to gas for two solid weeks of R/C On-Road racing. Results
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Drag Racing?

Owner Mike Rooney dives into full scale drag racing by purchasing a Pro/Street car from a friend in MA. Could this be another facet of Steel City? We will see!

RCSEngineDyno RCSEngineDyno

Owner of RCS (Race Car Service of America) and Owner of SCH get together to dyno Mike’s blown big block chevy. The engine is pretty square meaning that it produces horsepower and torque over 700! Watch Engine Dyno testing video here!  Watch 2nd Dyno pull with big results.

RCSEngineDyno RCSEngineDyno RCSEngineDyno RCSEngineDyno RCSEngineDyno RCSEngineDyno

Snowbird Nats Comic Strip


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2007 Snowbird Nationals come to a close

Steel City Hobbies has made a great impression on this year’s Snowbird Nationals. The whole team will be returning to Pittsburgh with awards from the greatest carpet race on Earth. SCH wants to thank everyone at the Snowbird Nationals including the crew and Mike Boylan for the hospitality and generosity.

Snowbird Nationals Last Day Snowbird Nationals Last Day

Allen Stephens takes the 4-Cell Stock F-Main with a vengeance. Allen completely obliterated everyone on the track with a perfect run, winning the Main!

Snowbird Nationals Last Day Snowbird Nationals Last Day

Allen was the happiest guy at the birds’ we think for winning the race!

Snowbird Nationals Last Day Snowbird Nationals Last Day

On with the next main – 4300 Brushless. Allen was bumped and put into the boards but luckily landed back on his wheels and drove an unbelievably perfect run in this race as well! Allen takes back-to-back wins at the 2007 Snowbird Nationals.

Watch Allen’s overly excited interviews
Watch Allen’s 4-Cell Stock F-Main
Watch Allen’s 4300 Brushless F-Main – coming soon

Snowbird Nationals Last Day Snowbird Nationals Last Day Snowbird Nationals Last Day Snowbird Nationals Last Day Snowbird Nationals Last Day Snowbird Nationals Last Day

Closing remarks were nice and S.C.H. heads back to the cold north! Well, Mike heads south to the Winternationals in Ft. Myers – pictures coming soon!

2007 Snowbird Nationals results

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B-Main 6-Cell Trucks – Snowbird Nationals 2007

Rob Walbrown takes 2nd in the B-Main 6-Cell Truck class!  Rob and Mike worked hard and were racing together in the B-Main fighting for the chance to bump-up to the A-Main.  Rob came in 3rd but with the “bump-up” rule this year at the Snowbirds Rob took 2nd!  Congratulations to Rob!


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