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September started the season off with a brand new Ozite racetrack that has grown to a nice size of 92′ x 40′.
POINTS series starts on December 15, 2007 and runs for six weeks – drop your worst two race days.

RESULTS & Schedule below:
Winter Results – 2007/2008

Racing on Saturdays!

9:00 AM – Doors, Track, and Registration Open
12:45 AM – Registration Closes – Track Closes, Driver’s Meeting
1:00 PM – Race program begins
Times subject to change

Late entries are accepted at race directors discretion, but will be placed in the lowest qualifier.

Seven or fewer heats = 3 Qualifiers and 1 Main. Resort after 2nd Qualifier.
Eight or more heats = 2 Qualifiers and 1 Main.

Club Racing on non-race days is available.

$10 for the 1st Class
$5 for the 2nd Class
$5 for every class after
Weather Report

Track Info and Rules

Rules are subject to change before every season


Racing Archive
2007 Winter/Spring Series
2007 Summer
2007 Fall

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