Steel City Hobbies and Garrett County Fair will be holding a R/C Race and Freestyle event

Steel City Hobbies is pleased to announce two great races last week, Tuesday, August 12, and Thursday, August 14th. We had a terrific turn-out with over 200 + spectators at each event.

These races hosted three events to watch which included these classes:

Monster Truck
Stadium Truck
1/8th Scale Buggy
The Races and crowd raised over $240.00 which was donated to the local Big Brothers Big Sisters charity.

Archived information:

The Race
Each car racing will be representing a Charity, and racers have been out campaigning for companies and people to sponsor their car. There will be no losers in this race. The car that crosses the finish line first will be the theoretical winner of course, but all the charities are winners. The charity of choice is the local Big Brothers Big Sisters and we have presented a check on the Sunday Raceday of August 17th.

Freestyle Event
The Freestyle Events will happen before, during, and after the race, as well as every day in between events hosted by the Fair. This will provide great entertainment as these car drivers get into crazy situations such as jumping, flipping and sometimes crash and burn situations. It is amazing to watch these cars do the things that they can do. Stop by the Steel City Hobbies booth located near the track for more details!

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