AMB Timing System hits Steel City Hobbies in MD. – AMB Timing system will debut Friday Evening

Steel City Hobbies presents the latest AMBrc system at all SCH tracks.

Steel City Hobbies is no stranger to the new electronic computer scoring system. This system enables more racers to compete at one time and receive accurate lap times. Currently, stats from the race have been posted, but now we can post accurate lap time results and individual statistics so racers dial in their R/C Cars to receive peak performance. Racers who already own their own personal transponders can also benefit from this system as well. Steel City Hobbies sells personal transponders to anyone who wants to spend somewhere in the $80.00 range.

Contact the store if you wish to purchase a personal transponder which can be read by any AMBrc digital system. This enables you to track all your moves, even in practice!

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