Steel City Hobbies attends the Snowbirds Nationals indoor on-road race. Sponsored by SCH, Ray Darroch wins the A-Main!

Steel City Hobbies was happy to attend the Snowbird Nationals 2004 in Orlando Florida. SCH was proud to sponsor an up and coming on-road racer named Raymond Darroch who is from our home town area of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Seems that everyone has their eye on Ray as he has picked up a few sponsors over the last two races alone such as Team Losi, JR, Novak and in part, Trinity.

Read below a few facts on Ray (click here to jump to notes on Ray) and look at several pictures of all the action in Florida.

The Snowbirds have been going on for a few years and consist of a variety of races. ‘Snowbird On-Road Classes’ and ‘Snowbird Oval Classes’. The On-Road classes include: Touring Stock; Touring Sportsman 19; Touring Expert 19; Touring Pro Mod; GTP Stock and GTP Mod. All classes except for Mod have hand out motors and run for 5 minutes. Oval Classes include: 4-Cell Stock; 4-Cell Sportsman 19; 4-Cell Expert 19; 1/12th 4-Cell 19; 1/12th 4-Cell Pro Mod; 4-Cell Pro Mod; Touring 6-Cell 19; and 6-Cell Factory Mod. Race time is 4 minutes with hand-out motors except for Mod classes.

Race Results:

On-Road Racing
Lap Times for On-Road Racing –
On-Road Qualifying Results –
On-Road individual Results –
RC Scoring Pro results for Ray’s Race – Picture –

Club racing has turned out to be somewhat of a tradition at the Snowbirds. Two races total where the overall standings are calculated from one of the two races.

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