Thanksgiving PA Oval Shoot-out

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

With the On-Road Champs going on in Cleveland Thanksgiving weekend, SCH hosted the PA Oval Shoot-Out for this same weekend!

Same regular times as club racing which was Saturday, November 25th.  Updated news for batteries, 4200′s are allowed at all club races including this weekend! Please submit your comments and suggestions below!

18 Responses to “Thanksgiving PA Oval Shoot-out”

  1. Nitro Mike Says:

    I Think that this would be the Best date to do this oval race on

  2. Jim Bob Says:

    Road-course is were it’s at :)

  3. mrooney Says:

    Jim Bob, you heading to Cleveland or hangin’ out with the Oval crew back in the burgh’?

  4. Conor Says:

    I think it would be a bad idea. It hasn’t been advertised that much and a lot of people will be gone for the weekend. Plus the hunting season. If it happens that weekend I would bet that there will be a low turn out. I talked to people who already said that they could not come. I think the best dates possible would be late January, early February. Holidays will be over, so people will start spending money again and thier is no hunting. It’s cold so people want to stay inside and basically will have nothing else to do.

  5. Dan Hood Says:

    I think anytime you try to hold a race like this , it is a GREAT thing for SCH!!!!! I like the date that you have in mind. I just need to know for sure so i may plaster it allll over hobby talk and try to get a great crowd.So i vote for NOVEMBER 25TH.

  6. mrooney Says:

    I have been hearing a lot of positive feedback for an Oval race Thanksgiving weekend. (Saturday). If anyone has more comments, please post!

  7. mikpiz Says:

    I don’t have an opinion on the 25th , But I was at racing today . I believe there was on person racing both the oval classes and roadcourse. PLEASE again seperate the two . You would get so many more roadcourse racer’s at the track if they were seperated. AND you could race more qualifing heats , because there would be fewer classes and the time you would save on track switching. As far as having enough time to charge batteries , from a Hobby shop stand point run a sale and make sure everyong has a couple of packs per car !

  8. mrooney Says:

    Thanks for the comment MikePiz! We have seen this before and will try it again most likely. When we split up the racing last year, it was almost a disaster! We got more negative comments than positive… what is one to do?? We have a lot of oval guys running on Sundays from what I hear… this could be the beginning of something good? We will see!

  9. brian o' Says:

    either day for racing oval does not matter to me, it just depends on who can watch my kids. how bout you nitro ?? and the 25th will work for me also, we just need to get the word out !!

  10. Conor Says:

    Great time today. We had more oval racers than I expected. 22 entries I think for the first ever sunday race. 6 Nastrucks in brushless. The new oval design is right on the money. No more bad entries that can end a race day. I definetly like the new design! Some of the Saturday Oval racers should make the trip one weekend for Sunday, because it’s worth it.

  11. Allen Stephens Says:

    I’m in for the Thanksgiving race.

    And thanks to everyone who came out today for the first Sunday Oval race. Hopefully there will be more to come. Had a great time! Thanks everyone.

  12. Allen Stephens Says:

    Mike don’t forget to get our new (ICE).

  13. Conor Says:

    I don’t have any kids to really worry about, but somethings I heard that kind of made sense. How about a discounted price for kids under 12 racing? Like $7.00 or something. Save the parents from 2 full price entry fees.

  14. EO Says:

    So, will the two be split from now on, or?…

  15. Nitro Mike Says:

    Nov 25th oval shoot out sounds good to me
    But only one problem Nitro’s day care is closed here at S.C.H (Sorry Brian)this season is Nitro’s revenge
    Im coming back racing oval Look Out I am Back
    Looking forward to seeing everybody Here on the 25th should be a great time

  16. mrooney Says:

    We may finish out the season with regular Oval/Road on Saturday… some of the Oval guys are running both Days. Road-Course has the opportunity as well if someone grabs the reigns! Please keep posting suggestions so we can tally up what would be best for everyone!

  17. BMW Says:

    If you split oval and road racing up to seperate days you would lose 3-4 oval cars from me a week and take away my kids chance to race since I race mostly onroad and they race oval. Also as Connor said a break on the kids entry fees would be greatly appreciated as they are mainly another class that I am paying for. If I have both kids with me it costs me $39 just to get in the door if we just run one class each.

  18. mrooney Says:

    Understood! Well, the good news is that Racing is not split up! Saturday is the day where both venues are run as always. We experimented with this last year if you were around, and this did not work out like we had thought. But with the option for the experienced guys whether on-road or oval – to run on another day has always been an option. Recently, the oval crowd has congregated on Sundays and has been having a great time. $39 bucks is still cheaper than the movies which last only 2 hours! You have a full day of fun at SCH – even without family discounts!

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