Steelers KidsZone

This years KidsZone was a huge success. Again, the Steelers and Steel City Hobbies team up to put on a great competition show for the local kids in Pittsburgh.

Every year SCH and the Steelers KidsZone team up for some fun and games with the kids at the North Side’s KidsZone – adjacent from Heinz Field.

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The main event was an R/C race between two teams which was comprised of a few Steelers rookie players and a few kids per side.

DSC_0205 DSC_0199

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The SCH crew was a great team in itself all pitching in to help out with the R/C racing during the show.

DSC_0060 DSC_0085
Allen Stephens shows off his gas Raptor R/C Helicopter while Robert mingles with Steely McBeam.

SCH’s Tony Palmerine has become an icon with flying at Steel City Hobbies. John Price and Tony headed up the flying while the others keep the ground stuff working to a T – a Mini-T that is. Thanks to everyone who made this a successful night! 237 more Pictures

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