Steel City Nationals – 2007 – Race Day 1

Saturday, April 28th was a great start to a great annual race called the Steel City Nationals. Today’s card consisted of Oval Racing which started at 1PM. Racers as far away as Michigan added to the total entry number of 85.


Steel City Hobbies in Bridgeville PA is home to the 1st and 2nd Oval Carpet Nationals ever for the Pittsburgh area.

MRR_1611.JPG MRR_1608.JPG MRR_1610.JPG MRR_1596.JPG MRR_1595.JPG MRR_1593.JPG

Steel City also unveiled it’s plans to build one of the country’s largest permanent carpet tracks. “The new track construction will start only a few weeks after the Nationals” said owner Michael Rooney during the driver’s meeting. “The track will increase in size to 92′ x 40′ which will include a sub-floor for a very smooth surface. Also, the driver’s stand will move to the other side of the track and the Race Directors position will be moved and raised to give a birds eye view. Finally, technology such as the latest AMBrc system and other technological improvements such as race monitoring are already in the works. Currently you can watch the race computer from several locations throughout the pit area as well as the store!”
MRR_1608.JPG MRR_1611.JPG

The pits were full of great racers and some high power equipment for some of the finest R/C racing out there.

MRR_1626.JPG MRR_1628.JPG MRR_1627.JPG MRR_1622.JPG MRR_1625.JPG MRR_1624.JPG

Racing starts up again at 10am and is expected to finish around 3:30pm. The X-Race will be awesome and very exciting which will start right after the last main. Doors open at 7am.

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