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Here are a few posts pulled from’s Steel City Nationals thread:

April 30, 12:08 PM
Rick W
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Great job on running the event. everything went smooth
Steel City Hobbies
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Thank You!
I just wanted to thank everyone who traveled to SCH for this event. It was our 1st “Steel City Nationals” with no sanction bodies attached. Our goal was to provide a “big” race without paying sanction fees – and to give the racers many races over a 2 day period. That was the bottom line – racing racing and more racing! Most were able to get 7 races over the weekend.
Thanks to all who traveled a LONG way too! I hope it was worth it.
Thanks to the SCH guys such as Nitro, Frank, Allen, Ron, Gary, Mark, Melissa, Rob, Shannon and the tech crew … and lets not forget the guys who were down at Heinz Field running an event for the Steelers NFL Draft weekend – John Price and his son Justin – and John’s brother as well as RC Dinge and his lovely girlfriend! Thanks to Bill Salerno who ran the races on Saturday as we were short handed with all the action.

We were able to have the TV’s displaying all the race info on Sat – but sorry – I messed up the wire on Sunday and did not have the time to fix it! It will be working from tomorrow onward as well as DirecTV!

THanks again to all the sponsors as well as they really made the race something special!

April 30, 12:01 AM
Elder Statesman
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Can’t wait for the new carpet. I will be one of the first to run on it. Mr if you need some help, let me know.
April 29th, 10:28 PM
Kid Kahuna
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Tip of the Hat– to all the SCH crew-Nitro, Gary, John and Al! Thanks Mike for having the Nationals! A great time was had by all!!!

April 29, 10:22 PM
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As always ……… thanks to the SCH crew for a great place to race and good job on this weekends event and see you guys in the fall for the brushless nationals
April 29, 09:44 PM
Elder Statesman
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Good times as always, good see in all u guys again!

April 29, 09:32 PM

“Frank Ulbrik”
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Awesome event, the SCH crew did a great job. Look forward to coming back next season. Jamie is fly’n in 4300 and stock lately, if he starts next carpet season how this one is ending everybody is in trouble.
April 29, 09:18 PM
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Thanks to all the racers for making this weekend go as good as it did, thanks guys.
PS. Jamie your dad is the best.
April 29, 08:59 PM
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How about that last race
April 29, 08:43 PM

Jamie Hanson
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Yeah buddy. There are way to many people (both racers and workers) to say thank you to for making this a great event. However a big thanks goes to the staff and Alan for getting things ready for the race. I look forward to seeing the track after the new ideas have been put in place.
Hats off to all the winners. That Ulbrik guy is BALLISTIC. Way to go dude.
April 29, 08:34 PM
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Congrats to all the winners today. It was fun racing with some of the best in the business. Hats off to the SCH staff on all the long hours and hard work to make this race successful. Can’t wait for the next big one. Bob

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