Friday night update – Snowbirds

Friday evening means two things… finish up the bulk of qualifying, and time to party! For most, it is all business, but typically people head out on Friday and Saturday nights to get away. Some have already said they are looking forward to tonight as there is little rest to be had at the Snowbirds. Tonight may be no exception.

MRR_4279.JPG MRR_4264.JPG
Josh Cyrul works on his car before an important qualifier on Friday while Mike Zubak measures his magnetic strength with his newly released gause-meter.

MRR_4278.JPG MRR_4276.JPG MRR_4265.JPG MRR_4245.JPG MRR_4249.JPG MRR_4248.JPG

MRR_4257.JPG MRR_4247.JPG
Larry Fairtrace is another racer from Pittsburgh – although he moved to Philly recently. He is still looking for a place to carpet race. He misses Pittsburgh and racing on a large pro track like Steel City’s! (Steel City has been an official Snowbird Nationals practice track for years) You will also notice (right picture) that the lighting is much brighter, and the ceilings are much higher than previous years of the Snowbirds. This helps keep the track conditions more consistent with any temperature and humidity changes. One racer notes that this hotel is not as intimate as the “Rats Hotel” while others say that on a scale of 1 to 10, this place is an “11″.

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