Snowbird Nationals – Saturday Night

Steel City Hobbies continues the Snowbird Nationals coverage.
Today was a tough day for all. Some are happy, some are not so happy. This year has to be one of the most fierce competitions I have ever seen.

MRR_4298.JPG MRR_4299.JPG
Josh Cyrul won the Touring Modified B-Main which will bump him up to the A-Main under the Snowbirds rules. Josh has raced at SCH as he is a top competitor in on-road and oval. Jeff Cuffs takes the F1 demo.
To check all the results, click here.

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The track surface is the BEST I have ever seen at a large venue nationals race. You cannot see too many plywood 4′x8′ seams – even after thousands of laps. The odorless Jack the Gripper compound is working out perfectly, and the CRC rail system is working to spec with quick change-overs from Road Course to Oval. The high ceilings and HVAC are keeping the track conditions consistent throughout the whole race. This is another benchmark raised by the 2008 Snowbird Nationals.

MRR_4297.JPG MRR_4296.JPG
Ray Darroch wins the B-Q “B-SCREW” award. Ray got hung up on turn 2 so he did not get the bump-up to the A – but we were all pulling for him at SCH!

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Pittsburgh local Ray Darroch with the B-Q – as he has to wear the Mickey Mouse ears – a tradition here at the Snowbirds. Paul Lemiuex was the B-Q – B-SCREW and winner of the 1/12th Scale GTP Modified B-Main so he gets the bump into the A-main – what a great race!
The A-Mains will start at 6am tomorrow (Sunday). To view all the action and to see the results, check out the SBN live Page.

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