Snowbird Nationals – Wrap Up A-Main day

This year’s Snowbirds was one of the best yet for national level R/C car carpet racing. Pittsburgh Locals did well again this year, Ray Darroch and Larry Fairtrace came out with races in A and B mains. Ray took third in the 12th Scale GTP 19-Turn A-Main behind Markus Mobers (2nd) and Jilles Groskamp (1st). Larry Fairtrace takes 7th in the Touring 27Turn Foam B-Main. Other tid-bits, there were over 234,806 recorded laps on the Snowbird track (beginning last Tues. & going thru till the end on Sunday)

MRR_4325.JPG MRR_4329.JPG
Paul Lemiuex comes away with winning the TQ and A-Main in 1/12th scale.

MRR_4332.JPG MRR_4331.JPG MRR_4335.JPG MRR_4334.JPG MRR_4336.JPG

MRR_4318.JPG MRR_4321.JPG
Barry Baker and Billy Easton enjoy the hot models that have frequented the birds’ for the last three years. Jessica Barton (Left model)

MRR_4315.JPG MRR_4317.JPG
Jilles Groskamp takes the 1/12th scale GTP 19-Turn A-Main – with some heated moments during the race, he hangs for the win!

The ladies looked fine this year – best ever actually!
For more pictures by SCH, click here. For the Snowbirds site: click here. For results from the Snowbird Nationals: click here.
Thank you again to Mike Boylan and the Snowbird Nationals crew for a job well done!

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